Wednesday, January 6, 2016

SPECIAL = A Poem for the New Year

I would like if I may, to step out of my role as an historian for just a moment and post a poem for the New Year.  This was written by Frank M. Lee (pictured left as a boy), whose words you have read in these Blog pages before.  It was Frank's engaging autobiographical book, "Nekkid" on which I drew in my Blog about the Polio vaccine back on April 12, 2014: "Salk Polio Vaccine Works". Here is Frank's poem written for best hopes in the New Year:

Time he sed is a friend of mine
a helpful guide that gives me
space to be who I am
and a marvelous stage
for me to practice
what I'll be someday.

But he sed
but time is also a dragon
relentlessly sucking down it's throat
a nanosecond at a time
til our last shiny toenail disappears
down that maw of wuz

My wish for you for the New Year
is that the dragon will  swallow slowly
and that your life will blaze brightly
with the joy you make for yourself
and those you love or like a lot
with your precious time.

- Frank M. Lee

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