Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SPECIAL: The Washington Navy Yard: History, HONOR.

The Navy Yard at Washington D.C. does indeed have a long and illustrious history.  It has always been a fine and impressive location to work at in full view of the wonders of our democracy,  and the strength and the superb traditions of the United States Navy.  The reason behind my posting this today -- the attack Monday by a deranged mad-man upon the people who work there in order to assist our Navy in keeping us free and the world safe -- is a truly sad reason to be mentioning this fine and venerable place.  But I want to remind my readers of the tradition and history of this place before the tales of Monday's tragic events become so ingrained in our minds that we think of little else.  I hope that in the future, we think of the history and honored service of this place and not just the actions one sick man. The rest of this posting can be found at:

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