Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SPECIAL = Copper Age Iceman Was Murdered!!

The following article is an excerpt of an article by  Meg Gannon, News Editor of LiveScience.com, which was published yesterday on Yahoo.com and other internet sources. The web address for the full article, which is copyrighted and which cannot therefore be legally reproduced here is at the bottom of the excerpt, and can easily be accessed by simply clicking on the highlighted address.

"Ötzi the Iceman, Europe's oldest mummy, likely suffered a head injury before he died roughly 5,300 years ago, according to a new protein analysis of his brain tissue. 
Ever since a pair of hikers stumbled upon his astonishingly well-preserved frozen body in the Alps in 1991, Ötzi has become one of the most-studied ancient human specimens. His face, last meal, clothing and genome have been reconstructed — all contributing to a picture of Ötzi as a 45-year-old, hide-wearing, tattooed agriculturalist who was a native of Central Europe and suffered from heart disease, joint pain, tooth decay and probably Lyme disease before he died.

None of those conditions, however, directly led to his demise. A wound reveals Ötzi was hit in the shoulder with a deadly artery-piercing arrow, and an undigested meal in the Iceman's stomach suggests he was ambushed, researchers say..."
The complete article can be found at:
Further details about "the Iceman" can be found at the following PBS web site:
An introduction to the episode of "Nova" which can be viewed on most computers right there on the PBS website...

Program Description

He’s been dead for more than 5,000 years and poked, prodded, and probed by scientists for the last 20. Yet Ötzi the Iceman, the famous mummified corpse pulled from a glacier in the Italian Alps, continues to keep many secrets. Now, through an autopsy like none other, scientists will attempt to unravel mysteries about this ancient mummy, revealing not only the details of Ötzi’s death but also an entire way of life. How did people live during Ötzi’s time, the Copper Age? What did they eat? What diseases did they cope with? Join NOVA as we defrost the ultimate time capsule—the 5,000-year-old man.

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