Monday, December 27, 2010

"The Great New York Blizzard of 1888" is on "Suite 101".

“It’s death out there,,,, people are dying everywhere. I saw bodies sticking in the snow. I was almost in their number.”

So spoke the infamous New York City political boss Roscoe Conkling after he barely escaped with his life from the ravages of the blizzard which gripped the North Eastern United States between March 11 and 14 in 1888. “The Great White Hurricane” as it was called in some quarters, or simply “The Great Blizzard of ‘88” as it was known to the New Yorkers who bore the brunt of it, was a MAJOR freezeball! Yeah, sure it's been cold here in Cincinnati. A couple of inches, maybe four last week. Oh, yeeeeah so dey had a couple of feet in Flatbush yesterday. Oh, yeah, and uh
20 inches over dere in Joisey!! BIIIIIIIG DEEEAL! Now, uh... dis hear in 1888! Now DAT was a
major stooooorm!

Read the incredible truth of the FIFTY inches of snow which Mother Nature dumped upon the Big Apple back in the day in Brian's latest tome on "Suite 101"!

Read more at Suite101: The Great Blizzard of 1888.: A huge snow storm hits the American Northeast in late March, '88 .

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